Alexandra King Dance Ensemble

The Alexandra King Dance Ensemble  is Santa Barbara's premiere belly dance performance group. The company is a blend of amateurs and professionals. We perform throughout Santa Barbara county at a variety of local events including The Santa Barbara French Festival, The Avocado Festival and The Annual Soho Recital in April. We also perform at private and corporate events.


The repertoire features all styles of belly dance, including American, Egyptian and Turkish cabarets, as well as Tribal styles and folkloric dances of the Middle East. These dynamic styles with fabulous costumes and passionate artists creates stunning shows that entertain and inspires!

The company was founded in 2010 by Alexandra King after retiring from the UCSB Middle East Dance Ensemble as it's founder and director.  After twenty years of classical and folk dancing, she wanted to focus again on the dance style she fell in love with in the beginning - belly dance.


The Alexandra King Ensemble performs in the community at private parties, corporate shows, festivals, and restaurants.

The dancers are available for hire and to teach, either individually, as duets or as an ensemble. $400.00 per dancer. 

Dancers are both amateur and professional group. Their backgrounds and resumes reflect their training, talent and performing qualifications. Requisites to join are:

Age - Can be up to 50.

Fitness: Must be accustomed to working out and dieting to maintain weight and fitness at a performance level.

Dance Background: Must have an extensive dance background and resume, or be under 30 if just starting in dance.

Training: Must have graduated from the Intermediate Level and/or be able to competently execute a complete five-part American Cabaret including a Fast Opening with zills; A Bolero Veil; A Taskim, including standing work and floor work; A drum Solo and a 9/8 Finale. 

Talent: Must have talent technically, musically and as a performer.

Resources: Must have the time to rehearse, practice and prepare for performances; must have the money to pay for classes, rehearsals, costumes, hair, jewelry, props and make-up.

Training. Must continue to train, practice and workout regularly. 

Fees and Packages


$100.00/one set, the dancer will be there for up to an hour. 

$150.00/two sets, the dancer will be there for up to *three hours.

* Time length may vary depending on prior of future commitments of the artist(s).


Private Parties and Corporate Events 

One dancer - $600.00

Two dancers = $1200.00

Three dancers = $1500.00

Any overtime (over the agreed upon limit)  is charged at $100.00/hour.

A 10% non-refundable deposit per dancer is required at the time of booking. This is returned should we not be able to fulfill our contract. 

Choreographed and/or Specialty Shows

Add $500.00 for rehearsal time.

  • *Fees are based on performances within Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Beyond the radius of these cities, the price increases for travel and lodging expenses at $100.00/per hour or any part thereof, per dancer.

  • Travel expenses (lodging and/or transportation) outside of SB and Ventura counties are in addition to the base prices.  


For questions and to book a dancer(s):

Call/Text Alexandra (805)687-8823, or email, to discuss your needs and sign the contract.  

Then, submit your deposit as per the contract amount. 

Payment for the balance, including overtime, is due at the time of the event in cash or check.



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