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        Alexandra King Dance Ensemble

The Alexandra King Dance Ensemble


A performing ensemble is a group of artists who are dedicated to their art and to the ensemble they belong to. Being an ensemble member means having an exclusive commitment to a single group whose repertoire and performing agenda the artist belongs.


There are two kinds of ensemble memberships:

1. Permanent, ongoing members who work exclusively with one group. These are seasoned artists who belong to the ensemble and benefit from the repertoire and performance opportunities of that group.


2. Artists-in-training. These are temporary artists who are learning the art by working with seasoned dancers in the confines of the group to develop their knowledge and ability in the art before leaving and becoming professionals.

Guest Artists: Ensembles regularly invite professionals to work with them as guests artists in various performance settings, either as a hire or as a volunteer. These professionals float between groups and performance opportunities and have no permanent affiliation with the group beyond their temporary commitment to the group.

The  Alexandra King Ensemble is one of Santa Barbara's Middle Eastern performance groups. We perform throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura counties at a variety of local events, including: The Santa Barbara Lavender Festival, (June), SB Fiesta, (July-August), The Greek Festival, (July) The Avocado Festival, (October), The Annual Soho Recital, (December) and at private and corporate events.


The repertoire features all styles of belly dance, including American, Egyptian and Turkish cabarets, as well as Tribal styles, flamenco fusion and folkloric dances of the Middle East. These dynamic styles with fabulous costumes and passionate artists, creates stunning shows that entertain and inspire!


Dancers are both amateur and professional group. Their backgrounds and resumes reflect their training, talent and performing qualifications. Requisites to join are:

Age - 22-45. 

Fitness: Must be accustomed to working out and dieting to maintain weight and fitness at a performance level.

Dance Background: Must have an extensive dance background and resume.

Background Training: Must have graduated from the Intermediate Level and/or be able to competently execute a complete five-part American Cabaret including a Fast Opening with zills; A Bolero Veil; A Taskim, including standing work and floor work; A drum Solo and a 9/8 Finale. Also, Egyptian and Turkish styles.

Talent: Must have talent technically, musically and as a performing artist.

Resources: Must have the time to rehearse, practice and prepare for performances; must have the money to pay for classes, rehearsals, costumes, hair, jewelry, props and make-up.

Continued Training. Must continue to train, practice and workout regularly. 

For questions about joining:

Call/Text Alexandra (805)687-8823, or email



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