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Alexandra King Dance

Making Dance Dreams Come True for Everyone!

Armenian Dance 
Egyptian Dance
Gypsy Fusion (flamenco + Arabic dance)
Lebanese Debke
North African Dance
Persian Dance
Tribal Belly Dance

Turkish Roman
American, Egyptian and Turkish Cabaret
Drumming and Rhythms of the Middle East


To preserve and elevate world dance arts, and to broaden appreciation, equity and inclusiveness for all dance art.

Santa Barbara's Premiere

School of Middle Eastern Dance  Since 1981




Turkish Belly Dance:

Cabaret + Karsilama

4/3 - 5/8

Schott Center
310 W. Padre St. Santa Barbara, CA

Register Here.

Turkish Karsilama (Roman/Gypsy) Style Belly Dance

Karsilama: The Turkish Gypsy style that the American Cabaret is built on! This style contributed to the development of the American Cabaret style of belly dance, and is the earliest form of belly dance fusion.
Mondays 5:30-6:30


UCSB Robertson Gym Room 2320

UCSB Student Price: $60 / Staff & Faculty: $75 / Community: $84

Information and to register UCSB Rec


Egyptian Cabaret
Learn technique and a short choreography to the classic Egyptian cabaret including the cane (Raks Assaya). Bring a cane and finger cymbals. Purcahse cane on Purcahse Zills (finger cymbals) on

6/6- 7/31


Schott Center

Schott Center310 W. Padre St. Santa Barbara, CA. Register Here.

Private Lessons by Appointment

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