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Welcome! Below is all the information you will need about the classes, workshops and training I offer.

Alexandra King Method

The Alexandra King Method is an organized, standardized and comprehensive system of teaching and learning dance in general, and belly dance specifically. The three year curriculum focuses on dance as a performing art. The scope of the training includes the four primary styles of belly dance: American, Egyptian, Turkish cabaret, Tribal Belly dance, including music, history, culture, theater arts and choreography. At the end of training the dancer understands dance, can perform, and can choreograph competently. All classes listed below are taught with this method.

Subjects Taught

  • All styles and levels of belly dance including American Cabaret, Egyptian Cabaret, Turkish Cabaret, Tribal and Flamenco Fusion.

  • Choreography & Improvisation.

  • Theater Arts.

  • The Art of Performing.

  • Music and musical instruments.

  • Middle Eastern dance including folkloric, Persian classical and line dances.

  • Specialty and Prop Dances, including Candle Dance, Sword Dance, Cane, Gypsy (Latin-Arab Fusion), Saudi Hair, Multiple Veil and Shamiran.

  • Instructor Training and Certification Program.

  • Personalized training and choreography.

What Is Offered

Students have the option to learn all styles of Middle Eastern dance, including folk, classical and cabaret style dances, plus theater arts and performance skills. Classes are taught in a safe, fun, energetic environment where comradery and support are part of the classroom ethos. They have the option to join other local community dancers, and have fun sharing the art of belly dance with their fellow dancers. in fun and safe performance settings. Dancers reach their highest potential while making their dance dreams come true through top notch instruction and guidance and through opportunities to achieve a well-rounded education in dance as a performance art.  

What Makes Us Special

CELEBRATING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT                                            OPPORTUNITIES TO PERFORM                                                  COMARADERIE                                    We value and congratulate                                                                               Dance is a performing art and a                                                  Whether in class, rehearsal

success in any way – whether                                                                 large part of the joy of  dance                                               in practice or on stage,

through trophies, learning                                                                      is personal expression on stage                                            sharing dance is fun and 

your first dance or giving a great                                                           in the costumes, to the music,                                               satisfying.  Learning a move   

performance. Personal achievement                                                       to the world! Nothing compares                                           together, sharing a show together

comes in many ways and degrees and                                                   to the joy of  movement to music!                                         or showing off a new costume

we applaud them all!                                                                               movement to music!                                                              these are part of the fun of dance!



Tuition is due in full on the designated date - a week in advance of the class. There is a 5-day grace period once you have registered.

4 week series, $60.00; 5 week series, $75.00; 8 Week Class Series, $120.00. Drop-ins, $20.00/class.

There are two options for group class tuition: A discounted flat rate for a series or a drop-in rate - not discounted.

If you choose to pay the discounted rate and miss the first (or any) classes there is no other discount: you still pay the full discounted rate for a series whether you come to all classes or not.


  • Single Class $90.00/hr.

  • Month-to-Month (Non-Professional) (4+ classes a month) $75.00/hr.

  • Professional (working) Dancers $65.00/hr.

  • Private Group Classes for 2+ people - (Each individual is responsible for paying the additional cost of making up missed classes and there are no transfers.)  $100/hr.

  • Bridal Shower Class $200.00/hr.

Policies for Private Lessons:

  • Private lessons are by appointment (805)687-8823 or

  • Form of payment: Cash/Check/VENMO - @alexandrabellydancer (8823). Checks are made out to Alexandra King.

  • For ongoing month-to-month classes, tuition is due by the 5th of each month. There are no credit transfers for month-to-month packages, only make ups. The exception is for medical leaves, instructor cancellations.

  • Missed classes for a single class or a single series must be made up within two months.

  • One month notice is requested when cancelling month-to-month classes.

  • Travel expenses (fuel and lodging) are added to the cost of the class for areas outside of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

  • The cost of studio rent is added to the class fee. This is between $25/hr. and $50/hr.



  • Custom Choreography: $50.00/minute for the song chosen.

  • Stock compositions: A flat rate of $200.00 per dance, plus tuiton to teach it.

  • Instructor collaboration with students only when the student is advanced and has been trained in choreography. Then, the student must bring the

  • composition to the instructor in its entirety to be reviewed and have suggestions and recommendations. $50.00/minute of the song.

  • All choreography is proprietary. It cannot be taught by the dancer/student and cannot be modified without the consent of the author. When the student performs the piece, the author (choreographer) must be acknowledged as such in any performance, either by the MC or in the program.



  • · No talking in class during instruction; please respect the other srtudents and focus on training.

  •   Please be on time to the best of your ability.

  •   No cell phones in class during instruction

  • · No standing around - when the instructor is not engaged in teaching the class, students should be working.

  • · Wear leotard and tights or yoga and fitted T-Shirt. No dress code for a fitness class.

  • · Shoes are optional, but recommended in fitness classes and required in Persian class. Flamenco shoes required for flamenco class.

  • · Tuition is due 1-2 weeks prior to the first day of any series. This way, it is known whether there are enough regiatrants to hold the class.

  • · Form of payment for classes is Cash, Check, Monday Order or Venmo.




Get fit and have fun learning the ancient art of belly dance!

Bring zills and a hip scarf.

Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 







Schott Center

Adult Ed (Center for Extended Learning) Schott Center -RM 14 Tanahill Auditorium

310 W. Padre St. Santa Barbara, CA 9301

Summer Series - Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 - June 26 - July 31. TRIBAL BELLY DANCE. Blending elements of flamenco, Indian dance, North African with the classic cabaret, this is a communal style of belly dance that is improvisational and choreographed.

Register at Schott Center either in person or online at or call 805-Phone: (805) 683-8200

For information and to register go to:

No drop-ins, sorry.

Bring zills (finger cymbals) which can be purchased either on $12.99 +

Skills to Graduate from the Beginning Level of Cabaret Style to Intermediate level. 

  • Must be able to dance and play zills - triplets and doubles. 

  • Must know basic vocabulary and technique for the five parts of the dance, (Opening, Veil, Takism, Drum solo and Finale)

  • Must know the six basic rhythms of belly dance including Balady, Chiftitelli, Bolero and Ayyoub.

  • Must be able to execute a simple group choreography.  


Learn rhythms, technique and compostions on the Dumbek!





                                                                                                   Next class TBA.

Dancers learn to drum and the 14 rhythms of belly dance, plus cultural dances that are the foundation of belly dance, including Saidi, Ghawazee,

Saudi, Turkish Rom. Learn to play zills and dance. Bring a dumbek, or zills/Deff or Riq plus a chair and leg lift. If it is dark  bring a lantern.


$80.00- 8 weeks. Registration and tuition due a week before the class begins. Payment can be made on VENMO @bellydanceralexandra

or with a check made out to Alexandra King P.O. Bix 868, Santa Barbara, CA 93102


Learn dances from Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Persia and Armenia!

Mondays, 7:00-8:30 - 6/26 - 8/14

Westside Dance, Santa Barbara

$120.00 Register through VEMO: @bellydanceralexandra

Drop-in, $20.00








Taking it up a notch - more technique, different styles and a new focus on performing!

Length: 1 year of consistent attendance.

Bring: Veil, zills, knee pads and hip scarf.

Dates/Times: TBA

Skills to graduate from the year-long curriculum:

  • Perform a complete choreography.

  • Know basic vocabulary.

  • Understand the difference between Turkish, Egyptian and American cabaret.

  • Play the eight primary Egyptian rhythms, (Balady, Maksoum, Ayyoub, Masmoudi, Saidi, Zar, Malfouf and Fellahin) on a percussion instrument of choice.

INTERMEDIATE I & II: American Cabaret 16 weeks

Series #1: Intermediate Technique for Openings/Finales and Takism, (standing & floor work) in American  Cabaret Style. Bring zills and knee pads.

Graduate Skills -  Can improvise an opening, finale and taksim dancing with zills.

Series #2: Intermediate Technique for Veil and Drum Solo in American Style. Bring 3 yard silk veil

Graduate Skills  - Can improvise a Veil and Drum Solo.

INTERMEDIATE III: Turkish Style Cabaret 8 weeks

Series #3: Intermediate Technique for Openigns, Karsilama, Drum solo and Taksim (standing and floor work). Bring Zills and Veil.

Graduate skills - Can improvise a Turkish cabaret including karsilama.

INTERMEDIATE III & IV: Classic Egyptian "Oriental" Style Cabaret 16 weeks

Series #4: Intermediate technique for the classic Wasla suite using classic Egyptian props including zagat, stick and Chamidan.

Graduate skills - Can recognize classic and interprete classic Egyptian songs, recognize and aptly interpret the balady progression, use a veil in the entrance , work witih stick, candlabra and dance with zills.

INTERMEDIATE V: Modern Egyptian 8 weeks

Series #5: Intermediate Drum Solo: Rhythms, Technique, Composition and Choreography.

Graduate skills include recognizing and dancing to Egyptian pop and includes dancing with Stick.

Skills to graduate from the Intermediate Level and join the Advanced Class: Must have attained the one year training classes and be able to capably execute the technical skills of these classes.  











Dates, Times and Location TBA



Putting It All Together. Cabaret belly dance is a solo, improvisational style. In this class, dancers polish, perfect and define their own style.

Length: One year.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Intermediate level. Advanced dancers learn to improvise an entire American Cabaret putting all the basics into a complete dance, including Openings, Veil, Taksim, Drum Solo and Turkish 9/8 while dancing with zills. We will also focus on The Balady Progression. Dancers who are ready will be invited to perform at the Graduation Hafla (show) in June.

Graduation Ability:

  • Will be able to perform an improvised American and Egyptian cabaret solo and dance with zills. 

  • Will be able to ​recognize and correctly name twelve of the most famous Egyptian songs, including TammraHenna, Mashaal, Inte Omri, Sawah, Lissa Fakir, to new a few.

  • Play the eight primary Egyptian rhythms, (Balady, Maksoum, Ayyoub, Masmoudi, Saidi, Zar, Malfouf and Fellahin)  on a percussion instrument of choice.

  • Understand and dance a 9/8

Bring zills, veils and knee pads to class.

Day/Time/Location: TBA.

Advanced Cabaret includes 3 Sessions:

Session #1  - The Art and Methods of Choreography and Improvisation. The student will present a completed choreography to an classic Oriental piece. Upon graduation, the student will be eligible to join the professional class. 8 weeks.

Session #2 - The Art of Performance. This session covers theater arts and the art of the relationship between the performer and the audience.

We will focus on Presence, Projection, Personality , Stage Make-up, Stage Courage and Stage Protocol. 8 weeks.

Class #1 - Emotion and Performing.

Class #3 - The Power of Presence.

Class #4 - Personality and Performing: The Kalaidescope of Personalities

Class #5 - Projection: The Power of Intention on Stage

Class #6 - Protocol for Stage

Class #7 - *Stage Make-up - The basics of hair and make-up.

Class #8 -  Programming 

*Shopping List for Make-Up Class:

  • Pancake foundation –oil is preferred + Sponges (slanted types preferred)

  • Translucent Powder and Large brush.

  • Dark Shadow

  • Rouge

  • Stipple Brush

  • Highlighter for cheeks

  • Black or Brown Eye Shadow

  • Black or Brown Eye Liner

  • White Highlighter pencil

  • False Eyelashes

  • Dark Red or Brown Matter Lipstick

  • Light Highlighter Lipstick

  • Lip Liner Pencil

  • Glitter for face

  • Bindi (optional

Session #3: The Art of Improvisation and stylization. 10 weeks. Dancers will do a complete solo and get critiqued as well as critique each other.


See Schott Center Summer Series, 2024.







Days/Times: TBA.

Basics of Persian Classical dance includes body positions, stances, gestures and steps. A simple choreography will be taught.









Children's Belly Dance (8-10) ~ Time/Day/Location - TBA.

Young ladies will learn the art of belly dance including steps, combinations, the veil, turning and how to create a magical show in the Spring recital!

Need hip Scarves. Wear bare feet, leotards and tights.

Dates: TBA

4 Weeks - $40.00

Westside Dance

2009 De La Vina St. 

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


A workshop is a class specializing in a particular subject not usually covered in ongoing group classes. I teach many types of workshops including technique, performing and music. I also have a huge cache of stock choreographies ranging from cabaret to tribal to gypsy style dances, which I can teach dancers in group and private lessons. 


Learn choreography to Black Magic Woman in Tribal Style!

We will perform this dance at our annual flash mob in downtown Santa Barbara on Halloween night!

Saturday, July 27th 1:00-5:00



  • $100.00

  • $160 if also taking the Broom Dance workshop.

  • Take an extra 10% off the total if registered in the Tribal Belly Dance Class at SBCC. 

                                                                                       BROOM DANCE!

A workshop to learn the iconic Broom Dance and perform at the Sunken Gardens Thriller Halloween show!

                                                                         Saturday, September 28th 1:00-3:00 PM

$80.00/$40.00 (repeat); $60.00 if taking the Black Magic Woman Workshop on July 27th at Westside Dance. 

Take 10% more off if registered in the Tribal class at SBCC.

Register online through VENMO: @alexandrabellydancer (#8823) 

or send a check to Alexandra King, P.O. Box 868, Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Workshop fee out in Central California/Santa Barbara - $100.00/hour + lodging and travel expenses; (Minimum 2 hours) Studio fees are separate.

Workshop fee out of Central California/Santa Barbara - $200.00 + lodging, travel. (Minimum 2 hours).

A 20% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of signing the contract.


Contact Alexandra at or call (805)687-8823 in Santa Barbara, California. 

To pay go to and pay, or send a check or money order to:

Alexandra King

P.O. Box 868

Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Recreational/Party Classes

For showers or birthday parties.

Cost: $200.00/hr., minimum 1 hour, + studio rental and travel expenses. 

A non-refundable deposit of 20% required at time of booking. This is paid in cash in person - sorry, no checks credit cards or money orders.

To book, call Alexandra at (805)687-8823 to work out the specifics of the event (length of time, location date etc.) and sign a contract.

Once booked,the deposit is due in cash, and the balance is due at the time of service, in cash.

Academic Classes

School residency or workshop.

Cost: $250.00/hour + travel expenses. Non-refundable deposit of 20% required at time of booking.

BOOK NOW - Call, text or email Alexandra: (805)687-8823 to set up date and time.

Classes for Non-Profits

Helping local 501c3's make money!

Cost: $80.00/hour, + travel expenses. Non-refundable deposit of 20% required at time of booking.

BOOK NOW - Call, text or email Alexandra: (805)687-8823 to set up date and time.



​1. Stock Choreography: Flat fee of $100.00 ​for the choreography

2. Custom Choreography: $50.00 for each minute of the song chosen for the dance, plus the cost of teaching it in private lesson. ​

3.​ Modified Choreography: Choreography that is too hard or too easy for a particular student and so requires modification of a completed dance costs $25.00/hour to modify, plus the cost of ​teaching it in the private lesson.

*All choreography is proprietary. It cannot be taught by the dancer/student and cannot be modified without the consent of the author. The author must be acknowledged as such in any performance, whether by the MC or in the program.


BOOK NOW - Call, text or email Alexandra: (805)687-8823 to set up date and time.

Once booked, pay deposit online at





A 60 minute fun and furious cardio dance class using belly dance moves.

Prerequisite, None. 

$50.00/month. $15.00/drop-in.



This is a comprehensive teacher training program which certifies advanced and professional dancers using the Alexandra King Method of teaching.


Must be an Intermediate-Advanced dancer with at least three years of performing experience. 

Dates: TBA

Location: TBA

Cost: $800.00. Non-refundable deposit of 20% deposit.

Early bird special , TBA


Download the Application and submit it with your deposit. Send the application either through email or USPS to:

Alexandra King, P.O. Box 868 Santa Barbara, CA 93102.

Pay deposit online at @alexandrabellydancer or send through USPS to the address above.


Alexandra King Method

The Alexandra King Method is an organized, standardized and comprehensive system of teaching dance in general, and belly dance specifically.

All the essential elements of dance art and science are culled and blended with technique and the elements of culture and history in order to give the dancer a thorough understanding and ability to teach dance, and, in particular to teach belly dance. Each level and style of the dance has a clearly

defined syllabus, class plans and end results/goals, providing gradient levels and skills the teacher can use immediately. Teachers will be able to teach students at any level so that they will progress from one level to the next with confidence and competence. Some of the subjects the program 

covers are:

  • Three Methods of Teaching                                                                                             

  • How to teach every style of the belly dance at every level                                                                                         

  • How to give examples and help students.

  • How to critique effectively

  • The fundamental principals of improvisation and choreography, such as design and music theory.

  • How to create a syllabus, format a class and create class plans. 

  • How to create combinations                                                                                               

  • Legal, Business and Marketing Information 

  • ....and much more



Must be an Intermediate-Advanced dancer with at least three years of performing experience. 


Location: TBA

Dates/Times: TBA

Tuition: *$800.00.

20 % non refundable deposit due at the time of registration.

Early Bird Special - 10% discount. 



Download the Application and submit it with your deposit. Send the application either through email or USPS to:

Alexandra King, P.O. Box 868 Santa Barbara, CA 93102.

Pay deposit online at, or send through USPS to the address above.




It seems you will get better rates by booking through a service rather than contacting hotels directly:

After visiting local hotels, our top recommendation, where cleanliness, safety & convenience meet affordable price when sharing a room, would be Embassy Suites by Hilton. Suites in this hotel can sleep 3-4 people - - 2 in queen beds and 1-2 in a pullout sofa bed. Please contact if you would like help finding roommates! Full breakfast is included, as is a cocktail hour with drinks/hors d'oeuvres. Wifi is free in the lobby but 9.95 per day in the room.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Los Angeles, Glendale - $157-$260; approx. 3.5 miles from DGLA
800 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 550-0828


If you want something a little more budget, but not quite as nice (still seemed clean and decent, but did smell a little smoky despite claiming to be a non-smoking building), you might choose the Days Inn Glendale.

Days Inn Glendale Los Angeles - $97-$120 - approx. 3.5 miles from DGLA
450 Pioneer Dr, Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-0202

For those of you who have never been to LA, or would like to stay somewhere trendy and unique, there are two options close by:

Los Feliz Lodge
A complex of 6 brightly painted bungalows/villas with outdoor patios, including free WiFi.
1509 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-4150

Hotel Covell
Stylish boutique hotel featuring 5 themed suites, plus a bar with wine, tap beer &small plates.
4626 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-4300

Lastly, if you want a low price above all else, this very inexpensive motel is about a mile from DGLA, and very close to local restaurants & shops, but we can’t speak to the quality of the rooms or experience.

Los Feliz Hotel - moderately priced - approx. 1.5 miles
3101 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 667-2567

Other Vacation Rental sites:
VRBO: (Vacation Rentals By Owner)

For questions call, text or email Alexandra: (805)687-8823.

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