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Belly Dance with Alexandra King

Dance is the fastest route to happiness! We want to show you how. From beginning to advanced classes for adults, Belly Dance with Alexandra King has a class that help you get fit, have fun and sore to heights of joy and inspiration you have never felt!


The School Mission

To make dance dreams come true by providing top notch instruction and performance opportunities to students in a safe, energetic environment. Students will learn all styles of belly dance and performance in a safe, fun, energetic environment. 

Who We Are

Belly Dance with Alexandra King is Santa Barbara’s premier school of belly dance. After forty-two years of dancing professionally, multiple awards and a long and rich career in dance, Alexandra has fine-tuned the art of teaching dance so that others can benefit from her experience and make their dance dreams come true.

What We Offer

Students learn all styles of belly dance, Middle Eastern dance and performance skills. They get and stay fit, join other local community dancers, and have fun sharing the art of belly dance with their fellow dancers!

What Makes Us Special

CELEBRATING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT                                            OPPORTUNITIES TO PERFORM                                                  COMARADERIE                                    We value and congratulate                                                                               Dance is a performing art and a                                                  Whether in class, rehearsal

success in any way – whether                                                                 large part of the joy of  dance                                               in practice or on stage,

through trophies, learning                                                                      is personal expression on stage                                            sharing dance is fun and 

your first dance or giving a great                                                           in the costumes, to the music,                                               satisfying.  Learning a move   

performance. Personal achievement                                                       to the world! Nothing compares                                           together, sharing a show together

comes in many ways and degrees and                                                   to the joy of  movement to music!                                         or showing off a new costume

we applaud them all!                                                                               movement to music!                                                              these are part of the fun of dance!

Alexandra King Method


The Alexandra King Method is an organized, standardized and comprehensive system of teaching and learning dance in general, and belly dance specifically. All the essential elements of dance art and science are culled and blended with technique and the elements of culture and history in order to give the dancer a thorough understanding of and ability to dance, and, in particular to be a belly dancer. Each part of the dance and each style of the dance has clearly defined syllabus, class plans and end results, providing gradient levels and skills. Students progress from one level to the next with confidence and competence.

Dance for Performance

The school program focuses on dance as a performing art. All aspects of performance are taught including stage skills, make-up and costuming. Performance opportunities include class recitals (for busy students and amateurs), joining Crystal Indigo (the performance company for for dedicated amateurs) and our professional company, ONYX. We bring our unique and stunning shows to the local community. We present monthly shows at a variety of local venues. Some of our annual shows include:

  • The Avocado Festival in Carpinteria - October

  • Bi-Monthly shows at The Wildcat Lounge, producer, Beth Amine.

  • French Festival - July

  • Fiesta (Sunken Gardens and El Presidente) - July-August

  • Annual Soho Holiday Show - December)

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